BinPy : The steps forward

BinPy aims to extend the hardware programming concepts to Python. For further details about it you can refer to its docs

For past few months the library has been growing quite fast including being seleced in GSoC as a mentoring organisation. BinPy already has implementation for Gates, Combinational Logic tools such as Adders, Subtractors, Multiplexers and many more. It also has a huge collection of Integrated circuits covering almost the entire 7000 series and a number of 4000 series IC modules. Also Sequential Circuits and many circuit solving algorithms have been implemented.

What now? Here is a list of the work currently going on in BinPy. These tasks are  expected to be finished by the end of this summer.

  • Expression evaluation using Tree parsing
  • Connector initiation using expression
  • Tree Structure of Connectors
  • Espresso algorithm for logic minimization
  • Multiplication algos
  • Division algos
  • Caching algos
Analog Components
  • Analog to digital conversion
  • Digital to analog conversion
  • Signal Generator - Sine, Square, Ramp, TTL, Triangular
  • 555 Timer, Resistor, Capacitor, Diode
  • 7400 Series Completion
  • 4000 Series Completion
  • IC tester bench.
  • Include docstring support
  • Real time oscilloscope
  • Connector support
  • 2 channel
  • 8085
  • 8086
  • 8051
  • Gsm module capable of communicating with a real GSM Module.
  • Verilog import
  • Verilog export

What next? We strive to contribute for educational purposes, the aim is to develop a software(Desktop Application) and also a web version of the software where one can assemble circuits and play with them as they like.

If you are a deveoper and wish to contribute, visit our Wiki Page for a detailed summary of all the coding guidelines. There is also an extensive collection of examples that have been made available by our developers and is available in the  folder. This is a great place to understand the functionality and usage of all the available modules in BinPy.

Do drop in comments if you any doubts regarding BinPy or for any valuable suggestions to improve this library.