Moving away from Blogger

For past few months I was looking for a platform that could let me use markdown to compose my posts. Blogger editor was very frustrating especially when it came to displaying code or anything other than normal text. I considered Octopress and Jekyll but while exploring the Github trending repositories I saw the Ghost repository and I knew this is what I was looking for.

Let's Migrate

I have hosted my blog on Digital Ocean and there are many guides available that help you to get started with Ghost and it's blogging platform. Now the part left was getting my blog posts from blogger. I found a tool where all you have to do is enter your blog url and it gives you a json file with all the data. Then Ghost provides you with an import function in its Labs tab where on importing the json file automatically creates all the blog posts. Although there might be some layout issues which can be easily fixed, after all now you have markdown!!

It's all that easy. Happy migrating!!